Gluttony Pants: This Is How You Gorge In Style After A Breakup

Sometimes, you just eat like a pig.  Like when you attend a backyard cookout in cousin Trina’s house with T-bones, ribs and Uncle Donald’s tasty sauce in unlimited supply.   Or when you hit that all you can eat dimsum place down the bend.  Or when you remember that ex who broke your heart and you just want to drown your sorrows in large amounts of pizza and beer.  In these situations, tight pants are a no-go — you’ll be better off wearing your drawstring Jogg Jeans. These Gluttony Pants may offer a more stylish outfit for your pigging out.

Made by Betabrand, it’s billed as “trousers for buffet browsers” that “honor the rich American tradition of overindulgence.”  While you can always wear loose jeans with a belt when preparing to feast, we’re guessing this will look a heck of a lot more stylish than your standard fat boy wardrobe.

The Gluttony Pants are a pair of relaxed but straight-legged trousers made from caramel-colored cotton canvas.  While it comes in standard waist sizes, it features a design that lets you adjust the waist size in three different places as needed — that way, you can expand the 32-inch waistline a couple inches when you eat your way to a pasta and garlic bread overload at the local deli.  Just adjust the top of the pants to the corresponding button (marked as Piglet, Sow and Boar, respectively) to ensure you have enough room to still feel comfortable after excessive consumption.  Features include burgundy-colored pocket and waistband liners, illustrations on the liners depicting the joys of gluttony, and ivory adjustment buttons.

Betabrand has the Gluttony Pants available now, priced at $100.

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