GMax, The Toilet Bowl Transformer


Some Transformer robots got lucky.  They can morph into trucks, cars, planes and other sorts of cool stuff.   Looking at the GMax, you can’t help but feel that the poor little bastard got a raw deal – he turns into a toilet.  Yikes.

While other robots busy themselves dishing out lasers and missiles, this unfortunate robot takes crap.  Literally.  In fairness, he’s not really a part of the official Transformers.  The poor sap is actually a promotional toy figure from Japan-based toilet and bidet maker Toto.

GMax was created to promote the company’s GreenMax 4.8 Liter toilets, which uses up a mere 4.8 liters of water per flush, compared to the usual 13.  That’s a lot of water multiplied over time, especially if you pee a lot.

Help conserve resources and get an action figure – who can say no?  Well, maybe those who don’t like their robots in the shape of a potty.  For those who aren’t so picky, GMax sports a miniature replica  of the water-conserving toilet for its head and torso, along with two arms and legs.  Morphing into a toilet doesn’t seem all that complicated – he just sits down on the bathroom floor and he is automatically one.  Like a real natural.

Sure, life is probably not that pleasant for a robot toilet, but he can always console himself in the fact that he’s not as dorky as Bumblebee.  I mean, that guy makes Shia Lebouf look like a stud.  Ugh.  We’re not sure how to get a GMax on its own without buying the actual toilet, but do tell us if you have any idea.  Yes, I want my very own Poopoobot too.

[Toto via Plastic Pals]