Gnaraloo Inflatable SUP: No More Heavy Paddleboards To Haul Around


You love stand-up paddleboarding; you hate carrying a board around.  But you need a boat to float on water unless you have levitating powers.  The Gnaraloo Inflatable SUP lets you do just that, providing a functional paddleboard that you can blow up on the spot.

When deflated, the board can fit inside an included backpack carry bag, along with a collapsible aluminum paddle and air pump.  That way, you can leave home with no more than a small pack strapped on your shoulders, all while being  ready to explore coasts and inland waterways at a moment’s notice.

The Gnaraloo Inflatable SUP measures 10.16 feet long, 2.67 feet wide, and half a foot thick, so it should fit most riders under 250 pounds comfortably.  It features a subtly concaved bottom, an outline that should accommodate a whole host of paddlers, a detachable fin, fixed urethane side fins, and an EVA traction pad.  Construction is heavy-duty laminated PVC and polyester, with each layer fused together using drop-stitched paneling, as well as welded soft urethane sides.

Being inflatable, of course, it’s fair to coddle concerns about whether this can work.  The product page claims that when it’s pumped at between 15 to 20 PSI (the included pump comes with a gauge so you can see the PSI), it gives paddlers a high-volume platform that’s stable and “will glide well in flat water,” while also being “rigid enough to surf.”

If it can ride anywhere near as well as a regular paddleboard, then the Gnaraloo Inflatable SUP should make for an excellent alternative to hauling a heavy and bulky board.  It’s available now, priced at $1,020.

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