Go Rapid Egg Cooker Makes You A Half-Dozen Perfectly-Boiled Eggs In 12 Minutes


Making hardboiled eggs the old-fashioned way is easy enough. If you rely heavily on the nutritious and economical food for your protein needs, though, you’ll probably appreciate a simpler, faster way to boil a batch and that’s exactly what this Go Rapid Egg Cooker does.

Made by Dash, it’s a dedicated egg-cooking machine that can boil up to half a dozen eggs in one go. Even better, it can fully hard boil all six eggs in just 12 minutes, allowing you to cook a ton of them for those days when you’re loading up on protein to bulk up the muscle and put all that time in the gym to good use.


The Go Rapid Egg Cooker can make soft, medium, and hardboiled eggs at the push of a button, so you can cook eggs exactly the way you like it without having to guesstimate like you would when boiling them on a stove pot. An integrated bell will sound off when the eggs are done, so you can go back to the living room and just return to the kitchen once you hear the alert. Features include one-touch button operation, a plastic housing with a see-through lid, and a metal heating element. In case you’re sick of boiled eggs, it comes with trays for making poached eggs and omelettes on the same machine, so you can change up the diet just a tad. Dimensions are 5.5 x 5.5 x 6 inches (w x d x h), so it shouldn’t take up that much space on the kitchen countertop.


Available now, the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker retails for $19.95. Throw in one of these Golden Goose in-shell egg scramblers and life will be complete.

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