Use The Goat Mug To Drink Your Coffee Like A Plundering Viking Warrior


Did Vikings drink coffee? We don’t know. But if they did, we sure hope they sipped it out of drinking vessels that looked just like this Goat Mug. I mean, would anything else have sufficed?

Designed to look like a goat horn (the large ones that curve to the back, not those puny little ones like the devil wears), the travel mug sports a curved, tapered shape that would have looked amazing on a Viking warrior’s hand every time he sipped a warm cup of joe to perk up for the day ahead. And yes, that day ahead would probably consist of descending upon an unsuspecting land, slaughtering its inhabitants, pillaging all of its treasures, and burning down whatever’s left for the heck of it. Because Vikings gonna Viking.


The Goat Mug is constructed from BPA-free plastic, with enough insulation to keep drinks warm for up to two hours. An included leather coffee sleeve will keep your hand from being burned by the hot contents, all while also serving as the mug’s stand (just place it on the table with the narrow side up). Features include a leak-proof cap, a flip-up lid designed for one-handed operation, two leather straps (one long, one short) for multiple hanging options, and all the style points that drinking from a horn-shaped coffee mug can bring. It can hold 11.2 ounces of your favorite morning beverages.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Goat Mug. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $25.

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