Goateesaver Helps You Manscape The Perfect Goatee

Keeping a goatee shaped to perfection isn’t all difficult, provided you have your wits completely about you when you’re shaving in the morning.  Between last night’s hangover, the wife nagging you to hurry up, and the kids screaming from the kitchen, though, performing a proper manscaping is beginning to prove harder than it used to be.  We guess it’s time you got yourself a Goateesaver.

A shaving template, it’s, basically, a facial hair guard that covers up all the parts of the beard you don’t want to shave off.  That way, you can wield your six-blade Gillette razor with reckless abandon without ending up with an uneven goatee shape at the end of it all.

The Goateesaver is an adjustable shaving template that helps you craft the perfect goatee every time.   To use, simply bite the mouthpiece to hold the assembly in place, then adjust the goatee size you want to end up with.  They only have three settings, so those with more unconventional facial hair stylings will probably need to look elsewhere.  For those who just want to shave their erstwhile neckbeards into a regular goatee similar to that worn by Heisenberg, actors who want to look deep (see Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, James Franco, etc.), and every grunge music fan circa 1990s, this should do the trick.  No more crooked lines, mismatched widths on either side,  and other common goatee problems — just put this on and shave that face like a tender-lovin’ barber with stories for days.

Amazon has the Goateesaver available now, priced at $19.99.

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