GoBe Modular Flashlight Boasts Six Swappable Heads For Versatile, Efficient Function

We love modular tools.  From spatulas to power tools, they make it easy to keep and carry multiple tools.  Light & Motion brings that modular efficiency to the humble flashlight with the GoBe.

Designed as an all-in-one flashlight for multiple activities, it comes with swappable heads that allow it to function in different manners.  Need a strong concentrated light for scouring the campsite to find a bracelet you dropped?  Put the appropriate head on and you’re good to go.   How about a wide spread for general visibility while hiking on a trail?  Swap in the right head and you’re done.   How about being able to see in the dark without alerting people with a bright white light?  Yep, there’s a head for that.

The GoBe Flashlight comes with six swappable heads that quickly turn it into a different flashlight: a pair of Spot heads (500 and 700 lumens, respectively), one Wide (700 lumens at a 60-degree angle), one Search (500 lumens at a concentrated 8-degree angle), one Red Focus, and one Nightsea.  Spot, Wide and Search offer standard functionality for each function, so most folks should be familiar with those.  The Red Focus, on the other hand, uses a pure red wavelength at a smooth 60-degree angle, allowing users to gain decent nighttime vision without compromising their own ninja-like visibility, while the Nightsea uses a blue light wavelength to give objects a UV-like glowing fluorescence.

The bad news?  The GoBe costs like six flashlights, too, with prices starting at $199 for one flashlight body and one head.  Additional heads are available separately.

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