Goggles Umbrella Covers Your Head, Lets You Peek Out Too

We don’t know if the Goggles Umbrella works better than a regular umbrella.  It probably doesn’t, but the thing sure looks a heck of a lot more fun than a regular bumbershoot.

Unlike regular umbrella canopies, this one falls right down in a bell-like shape, covering your entire head when you raise it to keep the downpour away (making it perfect when you’re trying to hide from someone).  Since the shape will cover your entire face, obscuring your view, they threw in goggle-shaped cutouts so you can see what’s going on front and center.

The Goggles Umbrella measures 86 x 14 x 3.5 cm, with an iron frame and various PVC parts.  Aside from the unusual shape, the top is shaped like a submarine periscope, adding even more novelty to the oddball design.

Created by 25 To Go, the rain-repelling accessory comes in two colors: ash and yellow.   The second one is particularly charming, since it’s practically a yellow submarine umbrella with a cutout goggles window.  Both color models are available now for  ¥580.