GoHawk Lets You Control Your GoPro Without Using Your Hands


Depending on where your GoPro is mounted, it’s not always easy to start and stop recording during first-person POV action shoots. That’s why a lot of folks rely on the smartphone app or the wrist-mounted remote to get it done. Problem is, doing that still requires a free hand, which, depending on what sport you’re doing, may or may not be available. The GoHawk offers a hands-free alternative.

An expansion module that attaches to the back of your GoPro, it lets you plug in an additional wired accessory for starting and stopping the camera’s recording. It’s designed to work with Conceptus’ hands-free camera switches or any camera switch with a 2.5mm plug, giving you plenty of room to personalize control of your action cam.


The GoHawk is designed to work, specifically, with the Conceptus Bite Switch (which requires you to bite to trigger recording) and the Conceptus Tongue Switch (which you lick to trigger recording), although they’re also bundling it with a remote shutter button that mounts on the handlebar for those shooting cycling videos. Aside from plugging in a camera switch, the GoHawk also comes with two other slots – one that takes a remote LED indicator on a bendable arm (so you can see if it’s recording or not) and a micro-USB slot for adding a backup power source to extend your GoPro’s battery life. It’s designed to work strictly with the GoPro Hero4 series of cameras.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the GoHawk. Pledges to reserve a unit (GoHawk with LED and bite switch) starts at $170.

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