Gold Skull Chair Is A Shiny And Menacing Throne Fit For A Supervillain


It’s not easy being a supervillain. For one, you can’t just buy regular furniture for your secret lair, since every piece in there needs to be equal-parts menacing, lavish, and bordering-on-absurd. Fortunately, the world isn’t short on those things. If you need to outfit the lair with seating furniture, for instance, this Gold Skull Chair is waiting to serve as your ever-so-appropriate throne.

Created by French design firm Harow, it’s a 24-karat gold-plated armchair that happens to have a terrifying sculpture of a giant skull in the back. It’s huge, it’s lavish, and it’s downright imposing, making for the kind of chair that’s perfect for any supervillain to be chilling in while they draw up their most nefarious world-domination plans.


The Gold Skull Chair uses an internal steel frame, along with a structure made from reinforced fiberglass. Not that you’ll see any of those materials, since the entire body is layered over in 24 karat gold, making for the kind of chair that will shimmer even with the smallest amount of ambient light. All that bling is complemented by black velvet upholstery for the seat, arm rests, and backrest, so this thing should be as luxuriously comfortable to sit on as it is ostentatious.


If the chair looks familiar, that’s because Harow released an all-black version of the same design a few years back. This iteration retains the same faceted skull design, along with the oversized dimensions, but obviously takes it to a whole other level with shiny precious metal coating.

Available now, the Gold Skull Chair is priced at $500,000.

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