Golden Goose Lets You Scramble Eggs While They’re Still In The Shell

If someone told me it’s possible to shake an egg, boil it, and end up with hard-boiled scrambled eggs, I would have been pretty sure there’s another punchline coming. In fact, that’s exactly what I thought when I first heard about Golden Goose, a kitchen tool that lets you scramble eggs while they’re still inside the shell.

A hand-powered kitchen gadget, it looks like one of those spinning disk toys where you pull on the strings with both hands to get the thing whirling. Except instead of a disk, you’re spinning an egg while it’s cradled inside a case, turning it over and over until the white and the yolk are merged into one slimy yellow pool.


During the “scrambling,” the Golden Goose alternates the rotation of the egg forwards and backwards, using centrifugal force to make the contents mix without introducing outside air. To use, simply open the cradle, insert an egg, close the cradle (turn the ring until you hear a click), and pull the handles to get the contraption running. They estimate you can thoroughly scramble an egg this way in about 10 to 15 pulls, which works out to less than 20 seconds of work — way more efficient than cracking a bunch of eggs onto your Crackpot Bowl and whisking over and over.

Construction is polypropylene for the shell, nylon for the strings, and TPE for the handles. It will come with a complete instruction manual that includes a recipe book for various dishes you can use a “golden egg” for.

The Golden Goose is currently raising funds for a production run on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $24.

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