Barrel Attachment Turns Your Assault Rifle Into A Golf Ball Launcher

Assault rifles aren’t only good for going Rambo on a junk car in the middle of the desert.  With this  clever Golf Ball Launcher Attachment, you can turn your deadly weapon into an entertaining cannon that shoots golf balls over long, long distances.

Why fly dimpled balls across the sky?  There’s really no good reason, other than the fact that hurling projectiles has always been an entertaining affair.  Heck, you can use it to play a live game of Angry Birds if you want to — just set up a platform and paint your golf balls into cute wingless fowls.

The Golf Ball Launcher Attachment is a simple flared tube machined out of solid-stock steel.  Designed to fit into most AR-15, M4 and M16 assault rifles, it can slip over the barrel without any gunsmithing, so even clueless gun owners can enjoy its novelty powers.  Word is it’s a bit on the heavy side, but so are those potato guns and we don’t see people enjoying them any less.

To use, simply fit the nozzle onto the barrel of your rifle (in place of the muzzle brake),  load a golf ball on the mouth, pop a cartridge of .223 blanks in the gun and hurl that ball at distances of over 250 yards (at least one reviewer said it reached 400 yards).   As with all firearm use, all rules of safety apply, so don’t be stupid and clown around while playing with it .

Reviews posted on the Golf Ball Launcher Attachment product page sound ecstatic.  Apparently, this is one intensely entertaining gun fitting.  Cheap, too, at just under $20.

[Cheaper Than Dirt via Geekologie]