Golf Mobile Boomerang Returns Your Practice Balls Awesomely

Ever wished you can practice your golf drives on the roof without having to worry about breaking the neighbors’ windows?  Now you can with the Golf Mobile Boomerang, a practice machine that lets you hit a ball as hard as you can, then have it ricochet back into the rack.

And, no, the boomerang action isn’t a result of voodoo magic.  Instead, the balls are tethered to the machine via a thin filament, so no matter how far you send it, the device can simply reel it back in.  Since you’d probably want to watch the ball take flight (otherwise, you won’t know if you’re hitting it right), you can program the distance the balls are allowed to travel before being returned, which could be anywhere from 60 to 200 feet.

The Golf Mobile Boomerang measures 13.38 x 11.02 x 7.87 inches and weighs 10 lbs, making it reasonably portable enough to carry up the roof or to an empty parking lot.  It packs its own 12V power source, which allows you up to 900 drives before requiring a recharge.  According to the website, it can set up in under 20 seconds on any type of terrain (the base uses adjustable legs and metal hooks).

Using the machine, you can simulate up to 1,000-foot drives in a pretty accurate manner, all while hurling the ball no more than 200 feet before it’s reeled back in.  Once hit, information about the ball is immediately displayed on the onboard screen, including speed and carry distance (it takes into account the type of club you use, which you can enter).

Any gadget with the word “boomerang” in the name has to be awesome and the Golf Mobile Boomerang sure sounds like it doesn’t disappoint.  It’s available now for $1,242.