Motorized GolfBoard Lets You Skate Around The Fairway Once You Realize How Bad You Are At Golf


Can anything dethrone the mighty golf cart at the course? We don’t know.   They’ve tried it with Segways, bicycles, and even hovercrafts, to no avail. We’re sure people will continue to try, though, and the GolfBoard just might be able to sway some love its way.

A motorized skateboard for the golf course, it lets you travel from hole to hole while carving on the grass, like you do on the sidewalk when riding your ZBoard. Except, it comes with a stability bar with a handle on top and a rack at the base, providing better balance for novice riders and a convenient place to mount your bag of clubs. Its creators claim that opting for a GolfBoard offers a healthier alternative compared to the sedentary activity of sitting in the cart, all while reducing potential wear on the turf.


The GolfBoard consists of what looks like a traditional skateboard deck that’s mounted on separate chassis with off-road wheels. It boasts a four wheel drive by way of two 36-volt DC motors (one for the front wheels and one for the rear), with gears driving the wheels, in favor of chains and belts that are more susceptible to failure. Those wheels are wrapped in 4-inch tires designed to perform efficiently on turf, with a wide surface area to minimize its impact on the grass. Driving is done using either a handheld controller or a thumb-throttle on the stability bar, which will let you push the board to speeds of up to 14 mph.


Unlike motorized skateboards designed for city-riding, the GolfBoard can’t be operated without using the motor. In fact, the wheels lock as soon as the board comes to a stop, so you can safely step off with no chance of the board rolling away.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the GolfBoard is now a commercial product. Price is $6,500.

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