Golfer’s Doorstop Gives You A Putting Hole For Practice

You used to laugh at all those adults who spent perfectly good free time swinging  at dimpled balls on the green. And now you’re one of them.  You even tried to get a putting mat, but the wife won’t have you bringing more mess into the house.  Well, here’s a compromise you might be able to get away with: the Golfer’s Doorstop.

Just like any doorstop, it will wedge under you door so you can keep it opened, closed or opened just enough to let the dog back in after doing his business at the neighbors’ yard.   If the wife asks why there’s a hole on the thing, you can tell her it’s just some fancy aerodynamic design thingie.

The Golfer’s Doorstop is a plastic wedge with a golf ball-sized hole that lets you use it for in-home putting practice.  Just wedge the thing under a door to keep it steady, drop a ball on the carpet and start working that 33-in-One Golf Club.  You can use it in the living room, the bedroom, the study, the bathroom  — as long as there’s a door to slip the thing under, you’re good.

Measuring 6.375 x 2.875 inches, the stop features a narrow ramp to make your practice just a little more challenging, forcing you to sharpen your aim and watch your speed.  It also includes a golf ball that’s lighter than regulation, so you don’t end up damaging the door and other stuff in the house with your piss-poor putting skills.

You can get the Golfer’s Doorstop from Amazon, priced at $24.95.

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