Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fruit

fruitballsAnyone who knows a sports fan knows how much they detest cutesy little things like themed bowls and dishes for the big Superbowl party. Your mother’s best platter and the chip platter with your kids pictures on it just won’t do on game day. That’s why Suck UK invented the FruitBalls.

Yes, they do like deflated sports equipment and that’s exactly the point. Your sports fans will love eating out of something that looks like you pulled it out of the garage, rinsed the dirt off, and threw some chips into it. They’ll be munching in style and reveling in the compliments of their friends, as they arrive to watch the big screen. You may even hear things that you never wanted to hear your husbands friends say like “Dude….your balls are awesome!”

The fruit balls come in Basketbowl and SoccerBowl and are made of ceramic, and can hold anything from nuts, chips, french fries and pork rinds, to collectibles like spare change, or stamps or even soda can tabs. We think the sports fan you get them for will absolutely love you for them, but always make sure to tell your husband if you are going to clean them, or fill them up with food – because, you should never touch someone’s balls without asking. FruitBalls!

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