Google Glass Titanium Prescription Eyeglass Frames Make Wearing Google Glass Just A Tiny Bit Less Weird

In the future, we imagine Google Glass will evolve into just a normal pair of glasses. Heck, maybe it will even evolve into a practically indiscernible smart contact lens. In the meantime, though, you’ll have to make do either with a weird thing floating over your eye or the Google Glass Titanium, which attaches the weird thing floating over your eye to a normal-looking eyeglass frame.

The glasses themselves are detachable from the gadget, so you can wear just the glasses, just Google Glass, or both. If you’ve already bought Glass, you can buy just the frames themselves, which are designed specifically for working hand in hand with the eye-mounted smart gadget.

Four frame designs are available in Google Glass Titanium, all of which are made from the strong, light and corrosion-resistant metal. Two frames are thick with rectangular and round lenses, respectively, while the other two are thin with either rectangular or rimless bottom lenses. Each one will ship with basic non-prescription lenses, although you can have them outfitted with any replacement lenses just as easily as conventional eyeglass frames. Oh yeah, they also offer three options for sunglasses using polarized impact-resistant lenses from Maui Jim and Zeal Optics.

Granted, having that floating thing over your eye is still weird, even with a traditional pair of glasses under it. At least, it’s better than wearing your regular Raybans along with the Google Glass headband mounted on you head. Sold separately from the wearable gadget, Google Glass Titanium retails for $225.

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