GoPro Battery BacPac Clips Onto Your Action Cam For Double The Mileage

Using a GoPro action camera to film your action-filled extreme sports escapades?  Here’s the accessory to make sure you never run out of juice in the middle of a good run: the Battery BacPac.

Designed to work with the GoPro HD Hero, the peripheral will clip to the back of your camcorder (the same place where the external LCD clips if you use it), doubling the length of time you can shoot action scenes (over 5 hours), whether you’re diving out of a plane, skiing over steep slopes or biking down rocky paths.  If you’ve got spare batteries for the camcorder, you can use it to charge them, too, allowing you to give your buddies an extra trickle when they need it.

The GoPro Battery BacPac is a compact little slab (appears to be the same length and width as the camera unit) that you can replenish over USB.  Three LED lights are lined on one side, allowing you to quickly ascertain current power levels.  It only clips to the  1080p HD HERO — for the 980p, all you can do is recharge the battery (yep, downtime).

Of course, if you use a whole other brand of action camcorder to film yourself failing miserably at your favorite solo sport, then this couldn’t be more useless to your needs.   At least, you’ll know better next time when you realize you can barely get an hour of footage from the helmet-mounted HD cam you gleefully shelled out for last month.

You can get the GoPro Battery BacPac now, priced at $49.99.