Use The GoPure Pod To Make Your Tap Water Taste Fresher


Not sure whether drinking the tap water in a new home you’re staying in is safe? Not a problem. Just drop the GoPure Pod into your glass, bottle, or jug to make sure the water is perfectly safe for immediate consumption.

A thumb-sized capsule that purifies water naturally, it can remove various inorganics, metals, and VOCs, along with E.Coli, so you can be sure your drinking water is free of any dangerous elements. Do note, its filtering is not as thorough as those purifiers that clean up water from a wild stream, so while it’s good for use around the city, it’s probably best to bring something else (like a Lifestraw) when slumming it in the backcountry.


Inside the GoPure Pod’s capsule-like enclosure is an advanced porous ceramic called PuriBloc that can adsorb impurities and particulates, as well as assist the water’s pH and mineral balance. A single pod can be used up to six months, with the ability to treat up to 264 gallons of water within that time. Granted, having a plastic capsule running around at the bottom of your water bottle while working out in the gym is weird, but it does promise to make your water fresher and better-tasting, so it seems like a fair price to pay.


It measures just 1.95 x 0.9 inches (height x diameter), so it’s small enough in absolutely any kind of drinking vessel. Because of the size, a single capsule is only good for three liters of water at a time, though, so if you’re using a bigger jug, maybe throw in an extra unit.

Available now, the GoPure Pod is priced at $24.95.

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