Gordon Murray Intros The T.27, Planned To Be The World’s Most Efficient Electric Car


With a name like that, one would naturally expect a new Terminator robot.  Hmmm…not exactly.  Instead, the T.27 is Gordon Murray’s new project, which he believes to be the future of automobiles.

For one, it’s bound to be the world’s most efficient electric car.  At least, that’s the plan.  For now, Murray is showing off the petrol version of the ride, with every intent to convert it into full-electric mode over the next 16 months, just in time for the EU’s new emissions targets in 2012.

The £9 million project will be helmed by Gordon Murray Design and Zytek Automotive Technology, with the funding coming from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.  When finished, the all-electric car will post a top speed of 60 mph, managing to run a full 100 miles on a single charge.  Those are pretty impressive numbers.  Given Murray’s record with F1, though, I’m inclined to be expectant.

According to the team, the T.27 will manage notable efficiency due to its low weight.  All parts will be designed from a computer and welded together, rather than stamped out of metal sheets as with regular production cars.  They call the new production process iStream, a streamlined system that only requires one-fifth of the space traditional plants will use up.

[via Daily Mail]