Got Wine? Let’s Screwnicorn It

Want an explosion of rainbows every time you open a bottle of your favorite vino?  Then you have to take out that cork with this: the Screwnicorn, a unicorn corkscrew.

Packing a name fit for a fantasy-themed direct-to-DVD adult movie starring Ron Jeremy, a dozen white horses and a rainbow machine, the cork-pulling bottle opener is, arguably, the coolest moniker for a corkscrew we’ve ever heard.  I mean, I can repeat it all day and chuckle the whole time.  Imagine the next time you have friends over for a bottle of premium cheapness from Trader Joe’s and you go, “Let me Screwnicorn that wine for you.”  See?

The Screwnicorn features a plastic white unicorn’s head, complete with curly locks and a corkscrew for a horn.  While it isn’t promised, we’re pretty sure puffy clouds of magical pixie dust surround it and a choir of angels sing songs of praise every time it’s around.   Really.

It measures 3.75 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches and works no different than a regular corkscrew.  Except your life will be so much more magical and wondrous for having it in the house.

VAT19 has the Screwnicorn for sale, priced at $9.99.  We suggest getting one now before they disappear and all you end up with are stories about this magical corkscrew whose name made people break into a smile.

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