Put Iced Coffee On Tap In The Fridge With Grady’s Pour and Store Cold Brew Kit


We’re big fans of bottled cold brew coffee concentrates, since they let you easily make iced coffee at home that tastes as good as coffee shop fare. However, is bottling concentrate really the best way to enjoy such a treat? Grady’s Pour and Store Cold Brew Kit offers an alternative.

A pouch with an integrated tap dispenser, it lets you draw a cup of the outfit’s cold brew concentrate with the same ease as you get a pint of your favorite suds from a kegerator. It probably tastes the same as the bottled version they sell, although the tap does make pouring yourself a cup an even easier affair, with accidental bottle drops permanently eliminated from the equation.


Unlike their bottled products, the Grady’s Pour and Store Cold Brew Kit doesn’t contain concentrate. Instead, it comes with 12 two-ounce bean bags inside that you turn into concentrate. To use, you have to pour water into the pouch with the bags inside and leave it to soak in the fridge overnight. Come morning, take out the bags, reseal the pouch, and enjoy your iced coffee straight from the tap.

Each bean bag, by the way, comes with the outfit’s beloved blend of ground coffee beans, chicory, and spices, so it should taste just as good. The pouch can hold up to 36 servings worth of iced coffee and can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks (it can last longer, but won’t taste as fresh). Yes, they’re assuming your household drinks at least three iced coffee each day, which probably isn’t a stretch if you’re familiar with Grady’s.

Available now, the Grady’s Pour and Store Cold Brew Kit is priced at $30.

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