Graffiti Utility Backpack: A Bag For Taggers And Street Artists

Even street taggers can be neat freaks.  If you’re the type, throwing all your paint cans in a sack probably sounds too disorganized for comfort.  You need something better, like a Graffiti Utility Backpack.

Made by Sprayground, the rucksack features compartments filled with lines of slip-on pockets designed to hold one aerosol can each.  Faux fur front compartment has eight, while the inside space has another two, allowing you to haul up to ten different color containers for decorating other people’s properties with your own masterpieces.

The Graffiti Utility Backpack is made from tough, coated 16-oz. cotton canvas, measuring 12 x 18.5 inches.  Aside from spraypaint cans, the inner compartment has organized slots for a laptop, paint pens and spraycan tips, along with multi-purpose pockets for anything else you might want to carry around.  There are hidden straps for holding a skateboard, too, in case you’re that much of walking cliché.

Along with the shoulder straps, it has sternum straps and a front support chest strap for guaranteed stability.  Backside is cushioned for both upper and lower back comfort, ensuring you can make your way under the urban night skies in total comfort.

Sprayground claims that the Graffiti Utility Backpack is the first of its kind, which is surprising, considering people have been vandalizing public property with aerosol sprays for a heck of a long time.  It’s available for $69.95.