Graffomat Is A Vending Machine For Tagging Supplies

Ready to tag a train, but forgot your stash at home? Walk around the corner to the Graffomat, a unique vending machine stocked full of graffiti supplies.

We don’t even know if this is serious or not (my guess is it’s not). Where do you operate a vending machine for graffiti supplies, after all? Inside a subway station? Right next door to the car lot? Right outside the bathroom at the mall?

The Graffomat website looks serious, though…well, somewhat. According to it, the vending machine cabinets will measure 850 x 1830 x 890 mm, each of which will have between six to eight shelves with five to ten spirals on each row. Not only will they sell cans of spray paint in various colors, they’re throwing in all sorts of supplies every self-respecting vandal needs too, including caps, gloves and even ski masks.

Of course, a setup like this can easily be justified by saying you sell art supplies. You can even throw in a couple of pastel crayons and some brushes in there for show, just to avoid complaints. I can’t imagine any neighborhood, let alone any facility, approving the installation of a vending machine aimed at purveyors of “art graffiti,” though. What’s next? A vending machine for carjackers?

I guess the Graffomat vending machine is still in the works. You can contact the owners if you think you can pull off installing one in your city.

[Graffomat via Inventor Spot]