Use This 3D-Printed Object To Split A Can Of Beer Into Two Pints In Just A Single Pour


Ever wished you can pour beer out of the can and have the contents automatically split into two pints? Yeah, us neither.  Regardless, that’s exactly what the Grain Belt Dual Pour Can Topper enables, allowing you to pour from a single can straight into two glasses for whatever purpose it might serve you.

Available from Shapeways, the dispensing rig screws in top of an opened can of beer, replacing the single opening with a pair of spouts positioned at strategic angles. To use, simply pour your beer like normal, albeit this time around, you need to have a pair of glasses standing side-by-side.


The Grain Belt Dual Pour Can Topper is a 3D-printed object, so you can probably make one yourself if you can get your hands on the CAD model (no, it doesn’t appear to be downloadable). It’s made from a slightly flexible nylon plastic, with a smooth finish, so this should fit right in a drawer in your kitchen. A pair of diamond-shaped pour spouts dispense the beer in separate directions, while a pair of vents ensure the beverage pours out quickly. It measures 6.1 x 2.2 cm (diameter x thickness), ensuring it fits on top of both standard cans and tall boys.


Available now, the Grain Belt Dual Pour Can Topper is priced at $12.90.

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