Class Up Your Home Affordably With This Flat-Packing Grandelier Chandelier


No, it’s nowhere near as grand nor as luxurious as an actual chandelier. If you’re looking for a large, decorative lighting fixture you can install in the ceiling with very little work, however, the Grandelier just might be a suitable alternative.

Unlike massive and heavy chandeliers, this lightweight alternative is cut in a PVC plastic material that allows it to be hung without having to tear a hole through the ceiling. At 12.5 pounds, it can be easily be supported on a single hook or even taped down with a strong adhesive material, all while being easily installed by just a single person.


Designed by David Andora, the Grandelier ships flat-packed in a single box, with parts that slot together and secure using just a pair of cable ties. Instead of using candles (which will be dangerous) or regular bulbs (that would require hooking up to a power outlet), it comes with 12 battery-powered LED flicker candles that hold enough charge to run for up to 700 hours. We’re not sure whether the batteries can be recharged or replaced, but if you find yourself enjoying this, we’re sure you’ll rig up a way to do just that.


Since it’s meant to resemble those grand, ornate chandeliers, it comes in a massive size spanning six feet in diameter, making it just as imposing a sight, wherever you place it in the house. It comes in two colors: white and black.

Available now, the Grandelier is priced at $429.

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