Use The Graphic Skinz Motorized Chamber To Cover Toys In Perfectly-Applied Decal


Wrapping old toys in colorful decals is a great way to breathe new life into them. Problem is, wrapping decals flat onto curved and angled surfaces is next to impossible, ensuring you’ll almost always end up with a messy-looking finished product. The Graphic Skinz Motorized Chamber changes that.

A vacuum chamber, it’s designed to stick decals flush against any surface, so you can cover any toy in an entirely new skin, regardless of its shape. Seriously, it looks like the toy came out of the factory with whatever decal you wrapped onto it, making the entire thing look seamless.


The Graphic Skinz Motorized Chamber can wrap the decals onto anything that will fit inside the chamber, whether it be toys, plastic containers, or smartphone cases. From the images, it looks like the chamber can hold standard-sized action figures, although you can always break apart a toy if you need it in smaller chunks (e.g. decal this 17-inch Hulk’s legs and torso separately).


To use, simply place the decal around a toy, wrap it with a moistened sponge, and insert the assembly inside a plastic bag, which you then put in the chamber. A push of a button activates the motorized operation, activating the sucking action that pushes the decal onto the object’s surface within 20 seconds. From there, you simply smooth out any wrinkles using your fingers and it’s done.

Available now, the Graphic Skinz Motorized Chamber is priced at $34.46.

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