Look Scholarly While Dressing Casually With This Gray Academic Hoodie

You just accepted an entry-level teaching position at a university, which means you will now develop an uncontrollable yearning to fill your closet with tweed jackets to help enhance your learned, erudite appearance.  But what about those days when you’re in the mood to just put on a hoodie and a pair of jeans?  Fortunately, Betabrand’s got you covered with their Gray Academic Hoodie.

Unlike other hoodies, this won’t make you look like you’re just longing around.  Instead, it’s designed to look totally at home when worn at the faculty office, giving you the uncanny ability to dress casually while maintaining a scholarly façade.

The Gray Academic Hoodie is made with herringbone tweed, the same fabric you will find in the closets of the most highly-educated professors in your institution of learning.  Staying true to the academic aesthetic, it comes with black leather elbow patches and matching black leather draw cord toggles to go with the rib-lined hood.  Yes, the hoodie should look fine, whether you’re addressing a crowd of students in an amphitheater, smoking a pipe, or sipping stiff tea from your Ctrl-Alt-Del cup while grading papers, ensuring it holds up well to any activities you will partake in as part of your academic duties.

Not actually an academic?  Not a problem.  This thing should make you look like one in a jiffy, so you can walk in to your job at the Starbucks around the corner, looking like the smartest barista in two counties, while you thoughtfully brew some coffee and chat up people using big words with fervent aplomb.

Available now, the Betabrand Gray Academic Hoodie retails for $188.

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