This Greedy Pig Turns Cups, Mugs, And Cans Into Instant Piggy Banks

The piggy banks of yesteryear were very inefficient.  Any time you needed the hoarde you’ve stashed inside the piggy, you had to break the darn thing.  What a waste of a perfectly cute ceramic pig.  This Greedy Pig offers a reusable alternative, turning mugs, glasses, and even empty cans into functional piggy banks that you don’t have to destroy in order to withdraw a few coins.

Made by Suck UK, you don’t exactly end up with an actual pig-looking coin bank.  Instead, it looks like half pig and half whatever you decide to use with it.  And you can use a whole load of cylindrical-shaped things, like your Caveman Mug, a chiseled Starbucks tumbler, or even your classy red solo cups.

Designed by Luka Or, the Greedy Pig features the rear half of a pig that you can squeeze (it’s made from flexible PVC) into the mouth of a suitable container, allowing you to Frankenstein a half pig, half-whatever monstrosity.  Basically, it looks like a pig that dived head-first into a container and got stuck like they do in cartoons (because real life looking like cartoons always makes life more awesome).  When you need some of those savings, simply unplug the half-pig out of his current home, take out a little cash, and plug it back in.  Plus, when you get bored with whatever you’re using as a coin bank, you can always trade it in for something new.

The Greedy Pig is available now, priced at £7.50.

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