Greensound Technology’s Glass Speaker Spits Tunes A Full 360-Degrees

At first glance, Greensound Technology’s flat glass tower speakers look like giant trophies awarded for crafting the most stylish hunting knives in the world.  Turn on the home entertainment system, though, and you’ll hear the music emanating right from the gorgeous glass panels.

The sound-from-glass thing isn’t the novel speaker’s only unconventional feature.  Unlike regular speakers that project audio signals in one direction, the flat glass panels vibrate to project the sound on either side, distributing the music across a 360-degree sphere.  It’s equipped with color-changing LED lighting at the bottom, too, making for quite the enthralling presence.

Different areas of Greensound’s glass speaker produce different frequencies of sounds, with the curved portion at the top creating high-frequency, the center part delivering the mid-range and the low frequencies coming out of the area near the bottom.   A sound generator installed at the base of the device controls the vibrating action.

Two different lines of the speakers are currently under production, the Serac and the Floe, both with outputs of 25 watts and loudness up to 90.6dB.   The former features glass with saw-like edges, standing 65.5 inches tall and weighing 246 lbs.  The latter, on the other hand, sports flat edges and stand 49 inches high.   Glass-encased subwoofers will be available as part of each line, as well.

Production for Greensound Technology’s glass speakers are currently ongoing.  No word on release date or pricing, but anything this sexy will probably require some deep pockets.  The speakers will be available individually, as well as a part of bundled sets in different configurations.

[Greensound Technology via Technabob]