Greycork’s Flat-Packed Living Room Set Takes Just 20 Minutes To Assemble


Similar to IKEA, Greycork’s Living Room Set ships in flat-packed boxes, making them considerably more convenient than traditional furniture. Unlike products from the popular Scandinavian retailer, though, the entire set can be assembled without using any tools, with a straightforward design that allows the entire five-piece system to be put together in as little as 20 minutes.

Using a tab and slot design, all the pieces in the set can simply slot into each other, allowing you to assemble each furniture entirely by hand. Granted, they do use some hardware (e.g. nuts to lock some of the connections in), but even those are large enough that you can tighten them using nothing but your fingers, requiring zero help from any of the tools you have hanging in the garage.


The Greycork Living Room Set consists of a three-person sofa, a coffee table, a chaise lounge, a bookshelf, and a side table, allowing you to fully-equip a living space with just a single package. Each piece is adequately good-looking and sturdy, too, ensuring they can handle the kind of torture they’ll be put through even in the busiest homes. Construction is Baltic plywood and solid ash wood for the entire set, with the foams on the sofa and chaise being made from a combination of polyester fiber fill and polyurethane foam, which have been layered strategically to provide just the right amount of bounce and comfort.


Now available for preorder with a February ship date, the Greycork Living Room Set is priced at $1,500.

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