Charge All Your Mobile Gadgets In Style With Griffin’s Powerdock Pro


When it was first announced at CES last year, Griffin’s Powerdock Pro drew plenty of attention for both its stylish looks and genuinely useful function. Unfortunately, it took a long time before the darn thing actually went into production. Fortunately, it’s finally available now.

A docking station for tablets and smartphones, it comes with five charging slots, so you can plug in all your mobile devices at the same time. Even better, the charging ports come with five matching stands that you can use to dock smartphones and tablets in a single file, so it takes up no more than a minimal amount of space on the desk.


The Griffin Powerdock Pro comes with five self-switching ports that automatically send power as soon as a device is plugged in. It pumps out 12 watts of power, so it can juice even larger tablets, with built-in circuitry automatically detecting what kind of power your device needs to facilitate optimum charging. Instead of exposed ports, the USB slots are all hidden under the lid, along with an integrated cord management system so you can leave your cables inside to keep things organized and leave just the tips hanging for easy access. Features include a weighted base to ensure the hub stays in place the whole time and generously-sized docks so you don’t have to remove your devices from their protective cases.


Available now, the Griffin Powerdock Pro is priced at $129.99.

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