Grill Clips: Now, This Is How You Grill Veggies

Grilled meat and vegetables always go down well together.  Cooking vegetables on a grill designed to hold slabs of flesh, however, doesn’t go down quite as slick, with many likely falling right down the pit.  Bring a little order to your vegetable grilling duties with the Grill Clip, which holds your thin and delicate vegetables while you expose them to an open flame.

Made by Sur La Table, the tool is like an oversized tie clip that bundles your asparagus, zucchinis and sliced onion rings, so you can lay them out on the grate without worrying about having them fall down the gaps.   When you need to turn, you just flip the clip over — no need to go through the hurdle of turning those individual sticks of asparagus one by one.  Very convenient.

The Grill Clip is a spring-loaded fastener that measures 6.25 x 1 x 1.5 inches.  Unlike regular clips, the edges are shaped like zig-zagged teeth so they don’t press down on the veggies and leave ugly marks.  It’s made entirely from stainless steel (which conducts heat), so you’ll still need to use the tongs or wear a mitt to flip your bundled vegetables over (unless a recent lab accident rendered you impervious to burns, of course).  And since they’re clips, you should be able to clip them to your grilling apron once you’re done.  Never mind that benefit if you have the Grill Sergeant Apron, though — that thing has enough pockets for a dozen of these (and then some).

Seattle-based Sur La Table is selling the Vegetable Grill Clip online.  Price is $14.95 for a set of four.

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