Grill Cube Prepares Your Hot Coals For Hassle-Free Grilling

Getting a barbecue started is easy enough.  Unless you pour too much lighter fluid, burn yourself when you light the thing or perform some other amateur cooking blunder.  With the Grill Cube, starting a fire to grill those meats on is as easy as lighting a candle.

Instead of having to pop open a bag of coal, laying it on the grill bottom, squirting flammable liquid and lighting it up carefully, all you have to do is light the small wick at the bottom of the box and leave it where the coal should be.  In ten minutes, the box will light up, burn through the cardboard and automatically splay your grill with a bed of hot coal where you can proceed to cook all your dinosaur steaks and mammoth sausages.

The Grill Cube is quite possibly the simplest, most hands-off way of starting a coal fire, allowing even the most oblivious of novice barbecue cooks to prepare a grill the proper way.  Not only will it work on standard cooking rigs from portable grills to barbecue trains, you can use it to cook over campfire pits, too — just lay down some wood and put the box there for hassle-free hot coals.

The box is made from recycled cardboard and comes packed with nothing but natural hardwood charcoal — no flammable chemicals whatsoever, so you can keep it indoors without worry.  The trick, though, is the air flue integrated into the box design, which ensures the board doesn’t burn out before the coals are ready.  Once the coals spill out, you have about 30 minutes of grilling time before they go out.

Sounds genius?  Definitely.  The problem?  Grill Cube isn’t out yet.  Heck, it isn’t even priced, so we’re not sure when this will actually hit the market.

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