Grill Sergeant Apron Has Pockets For Everything You Need

An apron with a ridiculous amount of pockets is awesome on so many levels.  Not only is it a good way to carry all the gear you need for cooking, all the weight draped around your body should make walking around with it a decent workout, too.

Whether for cooking at home or barbecuing  at a tailgate, the apron doesn’t just save your clothes from spills and splatters, it provides a ton of variable-sized fittings and compartments for holding a wide array of items you’re likely to need while working the grill, too.  You know, like tongs, spatulas, flippers, knives, sauces and even a six-pack of beer.  That way, everything you need is always within easy reach.

The Grill Sergeant Apron is made from 100% cotton, with a camouflage print that lets everyone know you mean serious business.   Adorning the cloth is a veritable handyman’s bag of compartments that include three pockets for large tools, four sauce pockets, multiple small pockets for spices, a bottle opener loop and six can holders.

If you like being the center of attention at a tailgate or backyard barbecue, this battle-ready apron sounds like the perfect thing to wear around your body.  Of course, it also means people will be hitting you up incessantly for catsup, hot sauce and whatever other thing you’ve got hanging on you, so be forewarned.  Also, the guy wearing the BBQ Pit Tool Belt might want to challenge you to a duel at some point in the night.  Be ready.

Amazon has the Grill Sergeant Apron available now, priced at $27.