Grilla: This Grill Makes It Easy To Cook Tender And Smoky Barbecued Meat


Good barbecue usually means the meat is nearly falling off the bone, all while bearing a heavy smoky taste. And, no, achieving that in the backyard grill has never been an easy thing. That is, until the Grilla came along.

A barbecue smoker, this grill uses wood pellets to infuse your food with that smoky flavor, along with a convection system to ensure it produces consistent heat and smoke levels in the cooking chamber. Even better, it will do that without regular monitoring on your part, ensuring even first-time smokers can produce excellent results using this to make their barbecues at home.


The Grilla has a two-level cooking chamber situated on top – a large lower level that can fit an entire turkey and a smaller second level that can be removed when you need more space to roast a big chunk of meat. A lid that swings open allows you to keep most of the cooking chamber covered even when you’re checking on the food, so you can take peek without letting all the heat and smoke out. It comes with five heat settings between 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, complete with auto-ignition and a digital control system that will manage the temperature all on its own, so you can leave the grill and come back much later once the food is likely done.

A control panel next to the cooking area allows you to set temperature and cooking times, among other settings, while a small screen allows you to monitor the temperature in real time. It uses wood pellet for fuel, which goes in its own chamber in the rear, allowing you to infuse the barbecue with any of your preferred flavors, with the system automatically feeding pellets to the fire at a rate based on settings you specify on the control panel. A total 20 pounds of pellets can be loaded at any time, so you can have a healthy supply in there good for extended barbecue sessions.


The actual area on the Grilla where fire burns is completely insulated, by the way, so there’s little chance of experiencing any fire-related accidents, while an integrated blower fan handles most of the work of spreading heat and smoke around evenly like other convection cookers. For safety, the cooking automatically stops whenever the temperature in the cooking chamber either drops below 110 degrees Fahrenheit or exceeds 615 degrees Fahrenheit.


Construction is heavy steel for the darn thing, from the rounded housing and the fire pot to the hopper and the grates. We know, that makes this quite a hassle to move, since all that steel leaves it weighing a whopping 145 pounds. Fortunately, it comes with rubber swivel wheels, so you can push it around the backyard when trying to find a perfect grilling spot. Do note, it will need to be plugged to a standard power outlet in order to run all the electrical systems.

Want one? The Grilla is available now, priced at $799.

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