Grillbot Cleaning Robot Is Like A Roomba For Your Grilling Adventures

We now have home robots for autonomously vacuuming floors, cleaning pools, trimming lawns, and more.  If you grill a lot, then you’ve probably been waiting for a robot to clean those thick layers of grease you leave behind after every batch of sirloins, t-bones and burgers, too.  The Grillbot is exactly the robot for the job.

An autonomous cleaning robot, it exists for the sole purpose of cleaning grills.  Set the bot atop the grate, turn it on and it will go to work, scrubbing at the caked-on filth and grime until those rows of metal bars are sparkling clean.

Measuring about the size of a large steak (well, maybe two of them piled one over another), the Grillbot should fit into most barbecue cookers, from small portable grills to the large ones you use during Sunday afternoon backyard cookouts.  Inside the robot sits three electric motors that operate one replaceable brush each, scrubbing all the leftover gunk from all your previous charring duties.  It draws power from a built-in rechargeable battery.

To ensure it cleans the whole grill correctly, it comes with an onboard computer that regulates the robot’s speed and direction.  Other features include single push-button operation and a built-in display along the body (for choosing light or deep cleaning, as well as setting the timer and alarm).  No word on how fast it can clean a grill, but we’re guessing it won’t be very fast (anyone who’s cleaned grease off grates know how hard that is).

The Grillbot is set to be available mid-June, priced at $69.95 for the base model and $99.95 for the premium model, which will supposedly come with unspecified extras.

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