Grillie Is Classy Bling For Your Car’s Grille

You want to give your car a little personality.  Let’s be real, though: tacky decals and even tackier bumper stickers just won’t do it.  A new paint job and some fancy accessories, on the other hand, just aren’t in the budget.  What to do?  How about these Grillies?

Know how you’d sometimes put a lapel pin on your suit jacket to give your office clothes a little extra oomph?  Okay, you don’t.  Then again, that’s why all those cute interns don’t bother giving you the time of day.  Well, those decorative pins are exactly what these  things are for cars, giving them a small detail that adds just that extra boost of style.  Which you don’t have (just kidding, of course you do).

You can think of the Grillie as a cosmetic charm for cars, giving them a fun, affordable accent that’s a heck of a lot classier than bumper stickers can ever be (seriously — imagine putting bumper stickers on a Jaguar).  Each one starts off being sculpted in clay by a skilled artisan, which is then cast into metal (pewter, nickel) and finished with a protective coating.  After that, it gets a little polishing and the Grillie is ready to adorn your car’s snout.

Designs vary from fishes to dogs to car parts to religious icons to a couple of lowbrow numbers (e.g. Mudflap Girl) for those of us who like our classy adornments with a little plebeian spirit.  Sure, they’re far from the most attention-grabbing items you can pick up for your ride, but you know damn well style is truly in the details.

The Grillie is available from the official webite, priced at $50 each.

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