Grip Clip Puts Storage Slots On Your Glasses – We Don’t Mind At All Actually

Real nerds don’t wear pocket protectors anymore.  I mean, who wants to dress like a stereotype from the 80s, anyway?  If you’re going to go full nerd, you need something way more outrageous than that: we suggest the Grip Clip.

When you go full nerd, glasses (make that GI Joe glasses) are mandatory — no contacts allowed.  And when you rock glasses, this little accessory adds a storage clip right on your glasses’ temples, allowing you to hold pencils, markers, and other small items you’d normally store in your pocket on there.  Yes, it seems silly and, yes, it will make you look weird, but that’s the whole point.

The Grip Clip is a soft plastic accessory that slides onto your specs’ temples, turning it into a functional storage spot.  And, yes, it will continue to work when you slide your glasses onto your head to hold your hair or when you fold it into your shirt pocket.  Since the actual clip takes up just a small portion of the temple’s length, you can actually install several of these, allowing you to walk around with multiple pens at your disposal.  From what we can tell, this might be able to hold small items like USB sticks, lighters, and Ti2 Sentinel storage tubes, too, so you can turn yourself into an absolute weirdo with random stuff on your head real quick.

Currently, the Grip Clip is a fully-funded Kickstarter project.  You can still put in a pledge to join the first production run (there are a few days left).  Pledges start at $5 for three clips, with an estimated delivery date of June.

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