Use The Grip-Lock To Secure Your Motorcycle In 10 Seconds


It’s not easy stealing a motorcycle. For a determined thief, though, it may not be that hard either. That’s why taking extra precautions is never a bad thing. The Grip-Lock offers one of those preventive measures.

Billed as a “smart way of protecting your motorcycle from theft,” the device provides a cleaner and easier alternative to chain locks and disk locks, allowing you to equip your two-wheeler with added security without bending down or getting on your knees. That way, you can simply park the bike and mount the lock before getting off. According to the outfit, locking the bike down takes a mere 10 seconds, which should cut down the amount of time it takes to secure your bike immensely.


The Grip-Lock is a handlebar mount that locks both the throttle grip and the brake lever, keeping them both from being used the entire time it’s in place.  To mount it, open the device and position it so that the grip and the brake lever go in the designated slots, then snap the lid down to lock everything into place. It comes with three adapters that you can use to provide a perfect fit for the grip, while a sliding mechanism lets you adjust the pressure on the handbrake, which you can set anywhere from zero to 100 percent. You can mount the lock without having to use the key, too, so you can keep it in your pocket until that time you’re getting back on the road.

Construction is glass-reinforced nylon for the housing, while the locking mechanism uses hardened rods cut in reinforced spring steel. According to the outfit, the materials are highly resilient against attacks using saws or bolt cutters, so would-be thieves won’t be able to brute force their way into taking off the rig. It’s also corrosion-resistant, so you can leave your bike at the mercy of the elements without any trouble.


The Grip-Lock works with any handlebars that measures between 1 and 1.5 inches in diameter, which means you should be able to use it whether with a 1000cc sports bike, a recreational off-roader, or even a snowmobile. Measuring just 5.9 x 1.8 x 2 inches (length x width x depth), it’s also compact enough that you can keep it in the back pocket of your pants or a pouch on your backpack, as well as under the saddle of your motorcycle if you’d rather have it on the bike full-time.


Because of the prominent placement on the handlebars, the lock immediately serves as a visual deterrent, making your motorcycle a lot less likely target for thieves. The same prominent placement means you’ll immediately notice it as soon as you’re on the saddle, so there’s little chance you’ll forget to remove it before turning the ignition on – something that, no doubt, has happened a few times to anyone who uses a chain lock or a disk lock. It comes in 10 colorways, including brighter colors, so they can appear even more prominent.

The Grip-Lock is available now.

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  • Grip-Lock is the smarter way of protecting your motorcycle from theft, it mounts right at the...