Gritty Bike Will Last Longer Than You In A Battlefield

Need a bike that can survive a treacherous minefield in one piece?  While it can’t do anything to keep you safe, the bomb-proof Gritty Bike should remain in commission even after involvement in a fatal explosion.

What good is your bike surviving a bomb if you won’t?  Well, nothing if you’re riding it while the bomb exploded (you know, you’ll be dead).  Imagine leaving your bike outside a bank, going in to do your business and having a bomb-strapped madman streaking outside on a suicide mission, however.  The car parked by the road?  Blasted.  Those poor pedestrians?  In pieces.  Your bike?  Possibly usable with a change of tires.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Built by Trek, the Gritty is a fixed gear urban rider, with frame and fork made from high tensile steel.  It features alloy track hubs, handlebars and stem, Bontrager 32-hole rims, Chromoly steel crank, Gary Fisher BMX saddle and Bontrager H2 tires.  It comes in 15-, 17.5-, 19- and 21-inch framesets.

Despite fixies being all trendy nowadays, the single-speed pedal-pusher does away with any hipster pretensions, bringing strictly utilitarian style to go with its battle-friendly durability.  It’s coming out late in the Fall, ready to serve you through Armageddon, priced at $499.99.

[Trek Bikes]