Gronbach Furniture Vacuum Cleaner: Finally, A Place In The House To Sweep Dirt Under

Stationary vacuums have been a staple in many commercial settings, letting you sweep dirt to a designated area where the machine will take care of picking it up and throwing it in a bag. It’s a convenient way to maintain clean floors without using cumbersome upright vacuums and annoying little cleaning robots. The Furniture Vacuum Cleaner is looking to bring the same convenience to the average home.

Made by Gronbach, it’s a stationary vacuum machine that’s intended to be set up at floor level anywhere in the house. It can be retrofitted to integrate with cabinets and various furniture items using simple fitting screws, as well as set up right on the floor without any custom installation, making an ideal solution for messy areas of the house, like workshops, kitchens, and sorcerer’s dungeons (hey, we heard lots of bloody battles happen there).

The Gronbach Furniture Vacuum Cleaner is housed in a compact box that looks like a flat PC chassis of sorts, enabling it to fit under most household furniture and appliances. To use, simply sweep any dirt in front of the socket opening, tap the sensor panel (with your shoes if you don’t want to bend over), and the flap will open to suck the dirt into the vacuum’s chambers automatically. Easy. It comes with an integrated notification LED that lights up when the bag is full, which you can access by lifting up the hood at the top of the unit. There’s also ten feet of extendable hose, which you can use if you need to vacuum something a little further away from its designated spot.

No pricing is listed, but the Gronbach Furniture Vacuum Cleaner will be available starting July.

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