You’ll Cringe When You Drink The Last Few Sips Out Of The Gross Smoker’s Prankster Mug


Smoking is gross.  A coffee cup with some leftover coffee and a whole load of cigarette butts swimming in it is even more gross. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this Gross Smoker’s Prankster Mug, which looks like a chain smoker used it as an ashtray during a 15-minute coffee break.

Perfect for pranking your smoker buddies (or just anyone really), the inside bottom of the mug comes with multiple crushed cigarette butts and ashes. Not the real thing, but a very realistic facsimile, ensuring anyone drinking out of the mug is sure to get a surprise once they get down to the last few sips, probably shrieking in horror with a mortified look on their face before calming down and checking whether it’s just a fake. Yes, you laugh at them the entire time.

The Gross Smoker’s Prankster Mug is clad in all white, with no exterior print, ensuring it looks like a generic white ceramic mug you pulled randomly out of the kitchen cupboard. Obviously, this only works if you use drinks that aren’t transparent (coffee, milk, stout), so whoever’s drinking gets no inkling about the treasures hiding at the depths below. Simply put, it’s the perfect gift for folks trying to gross out their smoker friends or smoker friends who want to gross out the friends always trying to get them to quit. Granted, it’s probably going to be annoying to clean without a flat bottom, but it’s so funny, the extra hand-scrubbing might actually be worth it.

Available now, the Gross Smoker’s Prankster Mug is priced at $9.

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