Bury The Groundfridge In Your Backyard To Get An Instant Root Cellar


Constructing a root cellar requires a serious amount of work, requiring you to dig a large hole and build the underground facility brick by painstaking brick. Like many laborious projects, you can save yourself the effort by simply buying a pre-fab unit. That’s exactly what the Groundfridge does.

Created by Dutch outfit Weltevree, it’s a pre-fabricated, standalone facility that you simply bury underground to serve as a functional root cellar. Whether for storing a harvest of vegetables from your backyard garden, crates of wine that you bought wholesale at half-price, or your post-apocalypse food stash, this thing gives you a convenient place to keep them in.


An unpowered refrigerator (similar to the eCool, except way more spacious), the Groundfridge will keep all food items between 10 and 12 degrees Centigrade, an ideal temperature for keeping produce, cheese, and wine fresh for extended periods of time. Cooling is done without using up any power, relying instead on the insulating effect of soil and the cooling effect of groundwater.   It consists of a round cellar measuring 7.5 feet, with a connected stairway that leads to a door, which opens from the top. During installation, every part of the facility should be covered in, at least, a meter of soil (other than the door, of course). The room itself can hold approximately 106 cubic feet (or 1,100 pounds) of food.


Construction is wood for the facility’s structure, which is wrapped in hand-laminated polyester. Each one comes with integrated shelves and lighting.

No pricing is listed, but the Groundfridge will be available for purchase starting this summer.

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