GroVert Wall Planter Integrates Chalkboard Frame For Labeling Plants

Still looking for creative ways to set up a small garden inside your urban dwelling?  If you’re thinking of setting up a wall-mounted herb garden, we recommend this GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter, which gives you a writeable chalkboard surface for labeling your plants or adding fancy doodles for extra flair.

Unless you know your ways around plants intimately, it’s probably not that easy to tell the lovage from the flat leaf parsley or the chervil.  The built-in chalk-friendly surface should solve that problem — just mark each planting cell with the appropriate name and never pluck the wrong herb again.

The GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter measures 16 x 5 x 24 inches, with 10 planting cells arranged across the center. The cells, which create a lush living wall, are held by a wooden frame topped with a chalkboard paint finish where you can leave your markings and doodles to help avoid using the wrong herb for your next home-cooked meal.  It features a built-in irrigator capable of holding 1 quart of water at the top (so your plants can be quenched as needed), an innovative moisture mat that evenly distributes water throughout the cells, and a hidden collector tray at the bottom for catching runoff water.

To use, set up the plants on the cells over a flat surface before mounting up a wall.  Construction is FSC-certified decorative pine for the frame, with recycled HDPE for the irrigator and collector.

Williams-Sonoma has the GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter available, priced at $129.95.

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