Grow Your Own Beer Kit Gives Your Beer Empire A Headstart

Wife wants you to garden with her? Umm…sure. As if that’s gonna happen. Well, it just might with Grow Your Own Beer Garden, a dude-friendly gardening kit that lets you plant and harvest all the ingredients you need to brew your own beer.

Of course, you’ll still have to invest in a homebrewing kit to go along with the garden setup, but the prospect of growing your own beer-making plants should be enough to get any red-blooded male excited. You’re growing beer in your own backyard that you and your friends can be drinking tomorrow.  How can that not leave you enthused?

Grow Your Own Beer Garden include everything you need to get started on your beer empire. You get a sprouting and growing dome for holding all those seedlings in, soil (a mixture labeled as Growing Medium), three colored stakes, natural gravel, decals (for marking your dome) and an instruction manual. Since you can’t grow anything without seeds, it comes with three packs of it: one each for wheat (which aids fermentation), barley (the most common cereal grain used for beer) and hops (beer’s flavoring and stabilizing agent).

I have no clue how much of each stuff you need to homebrew a case of beer, but the dome is quite small at 9.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches. That’s like one square in my Farmville farm. The retail page doesn’t give much in the way of information either, so do your own research before purchasing. At any rate, it’s still going to be pretty cool to have “beer plants” growing somewhere in your house.

Grow Your Own Beer Garden is available for $24.99.

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