Coffeebrewer Lets You Make Brewed Coffee On-The-Go In Just Two Minutes

Just like your Star Wars Dark Side Instant Coffee, you cook the Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewer by simply pouring hot water. Unlike that, it comes packaged in its own brewing assembly, allowing you to enjoy the taste of brewed coffee with the convenience of its “just add hot water” counterparts.

Designed by Ulrik Rasmussen, the Coffeebrewer comes in a bag with a built-in pour over drip filter mechanism. It’s a design that, Ulrik says, was inspired by the convenience of tea bags. To brew the contents, simply pour 300ml of hot water via the resealable top, wait a few minutes, and pour the brewed coffee out through the spout. Each bag can make up to two cups.

A filter compartment inside the Coffeeebrewer holds the freshly-ground coffee, with a second bag outside it where the hot beverage will drip into when you pour the hot water in. The bag, which is made from PE-coated paper, comes with 18g of ground coffee, a clip-friendly extruded corner (for easily pouring out the contents), and a resealable twist cap on the spout that lets you save the second cup for a little while later.

For mild-strength coffee, the Danish outfit recommends leaving the water in the bag for just two minutes. Since the inner pouches are designed such that the ground beans will remain steeped in the coffee after all the water has dripped, it will get stronger the longer you wait. Twelve different coffee varieties are available, including Bolivian, Nicaraguan, Honduran, Guatemalan and Ethiopian, among others.

The Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewer is available now, priced between $2 and $3 a bag, depending on the type of coffee.

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