Growler Cage Beer Carrier Lets You Transport 64-Oz Beers On Your Bicycle

Sure, you can fill up your usual water bottle with beer so you can hit the road riding atop your CB4 Hunting Bike with some refreshing suds on tap.  If you have a bigger appetite for yeast-fermented malt than would fit inside a 1-liter travel bottle, however, the Growler Cage might prove a more appropriate accessory.

A bottle cage sized to fit 64-oz growlers, it’s designed to replace the standard bottle cages installed on your bike.  Whether you’re transporting a freshly-brewed batch of craft beer or a couple bottles of commercial fare transferred onto a growler, this is exactly the thing to carry it with.

The Growler Cage is a powder-coated steel frame that can mount on your bicycle’s frame, fork, seatpost and everywhere else a bottle cage can go, allowing you to bring multiple growlers for whatever purpose having enough libations to induce alcohol poisoning might serve you.   The metal is covered with a soft, smooth, and waterproof neoprene sheath (available in 10 colors) designed to keep the growler undamaged while holding it tightly.  It comes with an adjustable sliding mount for accomodating different sizes of tubes, as well as clamping arms that can accommodate growlers between 4.75 to 5 inches in diameter.

Granted, replacing your handlebar with a Bike Porter should be good enough for transporting a growler conveniently, but why travel with one when you can bring two or three (or more) along?  The Growler Cage is available now, priced at $55 each.

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