Use This Grumpy Cat Puppet As A Surrogate For Your Negativity Any Time You’re In A Horrible Mood


Nobody likes being around anyone who’s ornery, crotchety, and downright irritable. Simply put, it’s a surefire way to ostracize everyone with earshot. Unless, of course, you express your lousy attitude using this Grumpy Cat Puppet as a surrogate.

Apparently, people don’t mind when someone’s being grumpy, as long as that individual is a furry feline with an adorably sour face. Heck, some folks even find it cute. Whether you want to antagonize people at the office, whine at your family during a reunion, or just insult strangers randomly on the train, this hand puppet should help you make your negative points, all while using massive doses of cuteness to miraculously soften the blow. It’s awesome.


The Grumpy Cat Puppet is a fluffy hand puppet fashioned in the likeness of internet-famous Tardar Sauce, who won Buzzfeed’s Meme of the Year back in 2013. Complete with its drooping, apathetic eyes and upturned mouth, the puppet deftly recreates the utter lack of joy that defines one of the most memorable memes of the last couple of years. You’ll still have to supply the biting insults, nasty remarks, and generally sordid view on life, but the puppet will take care of providing the disdainful, unimpressed facial expressions all on its own. It measures 17 x 25.5 x 11.5 cm (w x h x d).

Available now, the Grumpy Cat Puppet retails for £19.99.

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