Bamboo Visors Make These Hats From Guapa Peaks Totally Unlike Any Other

We already have wooden watches, wooden sunglasses, and even wooden neckties.  So why not a wooden hat?  Probably because wood won’t feel very comfortable around your head.  So why not a cap with a regular fabric crown and a wooden visor, instead?  Yeah, that will work and Guapa Peaks got you covered.

Apparently, putting a wooden visor on a hat looks darn good.  Who’d have thought?  Well, apparently these guys.  Seriously, I want to burn every snapback in my closet and just wear these hats all the time.

A spinoff outfit from Guapa Cycles (which makes bicycles with wooden frames), Guapa Peaks use conventional (albeit premium) materials for the crown and the band, all while innovating on the visor by constructing the part entirely in bamboo.   Three types of bamboo serve as source material, with each one heated and compress-laminated before being used in the hat.  As such, you don’t just get the color variations from the different types of bamboo, the process also helps preserve each one’s unique grain patterns, leaving the hat with just a little more character than most ordinary caps.

The inaugural collection consists of five hat designs: Black Five Panel (wool and cotton blend, with a carbonized bamboo laminate visor), Orange Five Panel (wool and cotton blend, with a caramel bamboo laminate visor), Denim Volley (washed-out denim with a tiger bamboo laminate visor), Sand Volley (yellow corduroy with a dark brown bamboo visor), and Slate Hybrid (Melton wool with a caramel bamboo visor).  All hats will feature leather snapback enclosures and laser-engraved labels on the bill.

Guapa Peaks is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve a hat starts at £35.

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